Video: Moving Faster

video Moving Faster
$34.95 US - ship $5

Using the techniques on the DVD, your climbing team can outclimb another party that may be able to climb harder than you but is less efficient. You do this by using advanced systems at belay changeovers and on the descent. These changeovers are called Transitions. A Transition is a change in rope technique or anchor method because of a change in direction or a changeover at an anchor. For example, climbing up to an anchor and then rappelling off. The tools and techniques in this video will increase your efficiency which will significantly reduce your time on a route.

$34.95 US - ship $5

Video Contents

• Anchors
  • Belaying
  • Knots & Hitches
  • Rope Management
  • Lowering
  • Rappel Backup
  • Measure & Mark Your Rope
• Climbing to Climbing
  • Climbing to a Pre-Rig Rappel
  • Climbing to a Lower 1 rope
  • Lower to a Lower
  • Lower to a Pre-Rig Rappel
Adv. Toolbox
• Reverso
  • Clove Hitch, 2 ropes
  • Butterfly Flip, 2 ropes
  • Leading, 2 ropes
  • Constructing a Tandem Rappel
Adv. Transitions
• Dbl. Rope Belay to
  • Dbl. Rope Lower, 2 people
  • Dbl. Rope Belay to a
  • Simul Lower, 3 people
  • Tandem Rappel
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