Video: Avoiding the Touch; Self Rescue Part 1

video Avoiding the Touch Self Rescue Part 1
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Are you often nagged by the question "What if...." or "How would I retreat from a route if my partner or I had a minor injury?" Certainly, the elegant solution to any rescue situation is for it to never happen in the first place and often having the knowledge to solve the problem keeps it from happening. Self rescue instruction is often complex and the techniques are difficult to master. The progressions demonstrated on the DVD, simplify the techniques so you'll be able to retain the information and be able to use the skill sets when you need them most.

Video Contents

Toolbox • Personal Gear
  • Anchors
  • Friction Hitches
  • Catastrophe Knot
  • Belaying
  • Load Releasable System
  • Lowering
  • Ascending
  • Rappelling
  • Baseline Defined
Progressions to Baseline • From a Waist Belay
(belay escapes) • From a Re-Directed Belay
  • From a Direct Anchor Belay
Progressions From Baseline • to a Raise
  • to a Lower
  • to a Counterbalance Rappel
  • to a Belay Escape
Combining the Elements • Your Second Can't Make the Move
  • Second Left a Piece of Gear
  • Second Needs Hands on Attention
  • Descent After Hands on Attention
Stuck Rappel Ropes • Both Rope Ends
  • One End - Body Haul
  • One Rope - Lead Up
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